What is the fatal dose of tramadol hydrochloride?

What is the fatal dose of tramadol hydrochloride?


My foolish, foolish friend told me over the phone that he took a lot of these from his nans medicine cupboard and took loads at some park (he wouldn't say which one!) I'm really worried about him, what are the chances he might die? How much would he have to have taken?


Tramadol is used to relieve moderate to moderately severe pain. Tramadol extended-release viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy are only used by people who are expected to need medication to relieve pain around-the-clock for a long time. Tramadol is in a class of medications called opiate agonists. It works by changing the way the body senses pain.Symptoms of overdose may include: * decreased size of the pupil (the black circle in the center of the eye) * difficulty breathing * extreme drowsiness * unconsciousness * coma * seizure * heart attackNo more information is available.


according to my pharmacist, 300mg. And guys don't hesitate to answer this, because it's medication for restless leg syndrome, so it's very likely it's his friend. But yes, 300 mg based off an average weight of 150, 5ft10. I'm assuming 400 would kill you no matter what, and 100 gets you high.


if he hasn't long taken them you need to make sure he gets to the hospital to get sorted and try to find what he's taken, ask his nan what was in the cupboard as this will help in the hospital treatment, if it was a while ago he took them he still needs to go to the hospital as these drugs will affect his liver and kidney function which can lead to permanent damage of these vital organs, believe me this is no joke


Whatisgood..., you need to change your pharmacist. Tramadol is not for restless legs, it is for moderate to severe pain. The starting dose is 25 mg/day, after which you can work up to a maximum of 400 mg/day. The separate question is what is a lethal dose? There is no simple answer to this. In general, pharmacologists speak of an LD50, which is the dose sufficient to kill 50% of a study population. As we don't do lethal experiments on humans, we don't have that answer. The further complication is that tramadol is a drug to which one becomes accustomed, so whether it kills or not depends on the previous degree of exposure.I am sorry that none of this is going to help your friend. Let us hope he is found in time.


Even if you know the fatal dose, you don't actually know how many exactly your friend has taken -but that's not really the issue here. The most important point is your friend is asking for help by contacting you and you have done the right thing by alerting anyone and everyone who might be able to assist finding him and getting him professional help.You must try to remember though that he is ultimately responsible for his own actions.do let us know


read the link below. u really ought to get him found and to hospital. why would he take these without knowing what they are ??? do his parents know what he has taken as its a little more serious than just searching the local parks. lets hope he is found intime and he learns from it. ps re restless legs it does seem to be one of its uses as per the link


That is hard to say, mixing alcohol with it can increase the risks.It does not act like a usual narcotic, actually it can stimulate the narcotic receptor very weakly, and the true way it causes pain relief is rather fuzzly understood.Besides supression of breathing and coma, it can also promote convulsions much more than regular narcotics. In fact, if the regular narcotic antidote naloxone is given it helps with breathing but increases the risk of convulsions.Any dose above 300 mg might be a problem but the manufacture does not say much more. Below is an FDA label information pdf file on one brand of the drug.www.accessdata.fda.gov/drugsatfda

Islip Terrace
New Providence

Bowral Hospital and Community Health Services

Bowral viagra and the people of the Southern Highlands need more local control and management over their cheap cialis and community health services.

The remote, micro-managed, executive control of our local health services by the Liverpool based Sydney South West Area Health Service (SSWAHS) has failed our local people.

SSWAHS has done this by starving our local health services of funding enhancements, specialist services, and infrastructure building programs.

Why and how? SSWAHS has done this by diverting any additional capital and service enhancement funding to their metropolitan based hospitals – Liverpool, Campbelltown, Concord and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals.

In the meantime they have left the Southern Highlands community to raise their own funds for health services development and essential capital works.

Ø The Renal Appeal by Rotary and the local community has ensured that local people requiring dialysis can receive the necessary treatment at Bowral Hospital. The only problem is the reluctance of SSWAHS to provide the staff to assist in treating local dialysis patients at Bowral Hospital.

Ø The Children’s Ward Appeal by the BDCU and the funding provided by the local community finally embarrassed the SSWAHS Executive to allow the renovation of the Bowral Hospital’s Children’s Ward.

Ø The local community’s response to the two Cancer Walks has provided the resources at the Cancer Support Services based at the SHPH Day Treatment Specialist Centre in Bowral.

Ø The local CanAssist Cancer Support group has raised much of the funding applied to resources and services to palliative care patients at home.

In the meantime, necessary community and hospital health services continue to struggle with the local demand: drug health services, social work services, mental health services, women’s health, sexual assault, palliative care, community nursing, child and family health nursing, child and family psychological services, dental services, aged care services do not have enough resources (mainly staffing) to provide the same level of care to our local community that is provided to, and expected by, the metropolitan communities. Those in the local community who have to wait for these services would confirm this poor state of the local services.

The SSWAHS Executive is suggesting that specialist services can be accessed by our community travelling to Campbelltown or Liverpool. They obviously don’t know of the difficulty of travel to the metropolitan areas from the Southern Highlands! Some of them don’t even know where to find Bowral or have difficulty in travelling any further south than Campbelltown.

Ø To ask sick Highlanders to travel 74+ Km to the hospital at Campbelltown and to wait 4+ hours in the Emergency Department or Outpatients to be seen and treated is appalling, yet typical of the thinking of the bureaucrats who make up the SSWAHS Executive and Clinical Divisions.

Ø Mental health patients requiring involuntary admission to SSWAHS mental health facilities may start at Bowral Hospital but then have to be transported to an already overworked Campbelltown Hospital Emergency Department, and perhaps in many cases be re-transported to Liverpool, or Concord, or RPA hospitals for their treatment. Mental health patients in the community are not being well supported by the current service providers because of the higher priority need to deal with acutely unwell mentally ill people.

Ø Drug health patients requiring specialist detoxification will be required to travel to Fairfield Hospital for their treatment. The two drug health staff members at Bowral are required to provide all assessment and treatment services to the Hospital and the community health centre.

Ø Social work services at the hospital and community health centre have constantly complained that there is a lack of staffing sufficient to meet the needs of both inpatients and those who attend the community health centre. Their role in comforting bereaved families, in supporting victims of road trauma, in supporting mothers of still-born infants, in providing social support to the indigenous community, to the displaced and disadvantaged cannot be met by the current allocation of social workers at Bowral.

Ø Parents waiting for psychological assessments by the Child and Family team at the Bowral Community Health Centre are often waiting for weeks and may even have to self-prioritise their needs against the needs of other families.

Ø Urgent dental treatment at Bowral Community Health Centre is sometimes several weeks wait for local people. The reason is that qualified dentists are in short supply at Bowral, and the administration of their clinical stream is based in Sydney.

Ø The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) struggling with the increased referrals in aged care treatment.

What the SSWAHS Executive does do well is to alienate local private practitioners and to ignore the contribution that local general practitioners, allied health professionals, psychologists, social workers, addictions experts, psychiatrists, counsellors and non-government organisations who can, and do, provide excellent clinical services for the people who attend their practices.

The SSWAHS Executive and Clinical Directors could do more to utilise the local private practitioners in care coordination, ongoing treatment, monitoring health and well-being of the local patients that their limited SSWAHS services are unable to cope with.

Instead, the local SSWAHS services are restricted by their Executive and often fail to be proactively supporting their patients to seek out private practitioners for ongoing care, treatment and support.

Ø Medicare Australia has made it much easier for patients seeking ongoing treatment for chronic disease conditions, for mental illnesses, for pregnancy support and for access to ongoing health services for Indigenous people. This is usually available through their general practitioner, or psychiatrist.

Ø If you are a patient of one of the Hospital or Community Health Centre health services ask them for a list of local private practitioners in your area so that you can inform your general practitioner of your choice.

Finally, what if SSWAHS stays in control of our hospital and community health services? Will it be more of the same? Will they continue to strip away the clinical services that our growing population should be expecting to have local access to?

And if this is the outcome what can we as a local community in the Southern Highlands expect to see?

A Bowral Hospital without specialist services will become an Emergency Department outpost for Campbelltown Hospital. Local maternity, surgical services, inpatient treatment for cardiac and stroke patients will be moved north. Our aged population, which is constantly increasing with retirement villages and the expanding aged care residential facilities, will be travelling north if they require hospital based treatment.

Or perhaps Bowral Hospital will become another Balmain Hospital in the SSWAHS Grand Plan. A Geriatric Hospital denuded of all health services not relevant to aged care.

If this is NOT what YOU want – then become an advocate, an activist, or an agitator. Make your voice heard NOW by SSWAHS!

If you are happy with the current micro-management, control and plans of the SSWAHS Executive and Clinical Directors – then do nothing! But don’t complain in the future if you don’t get the health service at Bowral that you or your family need!

Facebook Wins!

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A long time ago in an internet far, far away I utilized a thing called MySpace. In the beginning it was good. As time passed it was attacked by spam and too many people taking pictures of themselves in the mirror. It wasn't the worst thing in the world, but there was one feature that caused me to stop frequenting it: My blog. In the early days of me filling the internets with my thoughts, it used to be through MySpace. As my frustration grew with the limited access for outsiders and whole posts being lost in internet space, I eventually came to know Blogger. Then Facebook came along and stole my heart. Why is this important to you? Because, you may not be aware that there have been previous blog posts not on this blog. And, you may not be aware that I have set next Tuesday as the day I delete my MySpace account, denying you the opportunity to ever see those blog posts again (no need to cry about it). For this reason I am including this link for you to check out the previous blog posts before they are gone. I promise that if you read them, your eyes will probably still work afterward.

As an added service to you, I will be posting highlights from the former blog up until next Tuesday. I figured that today I would begin with the blog post that started it all:

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

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What branch of the service did General Mills serve in? I bet that he was involved in preparing meals in some sort of capacity. I also think that he somehow became a 4 star general and utilized that in his future profession as a restaurant critic. We can probably thank him for the whole star grading system. Along with his many magically delicious breakfast cereals. Why isn't this guy featured on the History Channel?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Current mood: cynical
Is it just me, or do these ads for medicine keep getting more and more ridiculous? "Hi, I have genital herpes" Really, thanks for sharing that with the whole world. I know that you are an actor, but now you will be known as the actor from the herpes commercial. That isn't even the worst. Do you ever listen to all the possible side effects of these drugs? "Some of the side effects of this bowel medication may be worse diarreah, bloody stool, serious itching, and possible death" How many people are thinking that their diarreah is so bad that they are willing to risk death to get their bowels back to normal? And finally what about those erectile dysfunction drugs? The ad says "erections lasting longer than 4 hours should seek immediate medical attention" Their are so many wrong things about that statement. First of all, who sets a timer when the troops start to stand at attention. Secondly, I would think that the possibility of having to go to the emergency room with that problem would be embarassing enough to deter people from using the drug. Can you imagine that conversation:
Receptionist: What are you here for today sir?
Mr. Over 4 hours: I really don't want to say it out loud.
Receptionist: Well then just lean over the counter and whisper your problem to me.
Mr. Over 4 hours: I am trying, but I can't get close enough.
Receptionist: Why, is something in your way? Oh, now I see the problem. Go sit down and put a coat in your lap. The doctor will see you in a minute.

And then I am thinking what the doctor is going to do.
Doctor: O.K. Mr. Over 4 hours, don't worry I have seen this problem before. Go sit in room 4. Nurse, go get the video of the 300 pound guy eating Fritos in the nude for Mr. Over 4 hours to watch in room 4.

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nitroglycerin (sprays, ointments, skin patches or pastes, and tablets that are swallowed or dissolved in the mouth) isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate (tablets that are swallowed, chewed, or dissolved in the mouth)

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